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NLD by Elections Manifesto p1

NLD by Elections Manifesto p1

Burmese Canadian Protest in Toronto

Burmese Protest in Toronto

Peaceful Demonstration for Peace in Burma ( Rakhine )

Support for BBAO's Statement

Dear all Burmese people residing in Canada and friends of Burma, Burmese Canadian Network (B C N ) strongly support the following statement issued by the Burma Buddhist Association of Ontario BBAO; Sincerely, U Than Aung Coordinator and Co-founder Burmese Canadian Network (B C N) Canada Email:burmesecanadiannetwork@gmail.com BBAO Statement Aug 2012 - Copy

NLD by Elections Manifesto p2

NLD by Elections Manifesto p2

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

BCN Statement regarding the grave Crisis in Rakhine State in Myanmar

Burmese Canadian Network                    ျမန္မာ ကေနဒီယန္ ကြန္ယက္

Statement of Burmese Canadian Network (B C N)
19 September 2017
We Stand with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi for Peace in Myanmar

1.This is the Time of Crisis. There is only One People,One Leader, One Army At this moment. This is the chance to Unite All. We Stand for our Country, Our Nation and Our Leader who needs all the support  at her very difficult time when she has been unfairly criticized by the whole international community.
2. These responsibility falls primarily on Government of Myanmar and Myanmar Army Authorities. It also requires the commitment of people inside and outside the country including Myanmar people living in Canada. We need to give full support to the Government of Myanmar led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and we need to promote awareness among all Canadians about the truth behind all these violence, atrocities and thousands of innocent women, elders and children displaced from their homes on both sides.
 3.  We condemn the attack on securities forces of August 25th along northern border stations. We fully support the action taken by the Government of Myanmar in assuring police and security forces in Rakhine State to protect all residents in the area.
4.Burmese Canadian Network is Nothing against race or religion; we have concerns for all innocent civilians  But We Strongly condemn the terrorism, extremism and violence; also fabricated news. 
5. Burmese Canadian Network Concerns the fact that we are small minority community in Canada Vs. large Muslim Community in Canada (same thing in Northern Rakhine State with ethnic nationalities Rakhine, Mro, Dinet, Hindi are minorities total 70,000 population; Muslims are majority in that region with over 800,000)
6.Burmese Canadian Network issues this Statement because of we are mostly voiceless minority community similar to voiceless forgotten minority Non-Muslim native ethnic nationalities (Rakhine, Mro, Dinet, Hindi) in Northern Rakhine State in Mynmar.

Burmese Canadian Network

To contact
 (1)U Than Aung (Edmonton ) ,
Co-founder and Coordinator (Western Canada)    
 Tel:(780) 953 9877 
(2)U Timothy Zaw Zaw (Mississauga),
Co-founder and Coordinator (Eastern Canada)
Tel:(437) 992 5417

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