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NLD by Elections Manifesto p1

NLD by Elections Manifesto p1

Burmese Canadian Protest in Toronto

Burmese Protest in Toronto

Peaceful Demonstration for Peace in Burma ( Rakhine )

Support for BBAO's Statement

Dear all Burmese people residing in Canada and friends of Burma, Burmese Canadian Network (B C N ) strongly support the following statement issued by the Burma Buddhist Association of Ontario BBAO; Sincerely, U Than Aung Coordinator and Co-founder Burmese Canadian Network (B C N) Canada Email:burmesecanadiannetwork@gmail.com BBAO Statement Aug 2012 - Copy

NLD by Elections Manifesto p2

NLD by Elections Manifesto p2

Monday, August 15, 2022

Burmese Canadian Network

Burmese Canadian Network Joint Statement on the Myanmar Crisis

                                                                                                                                                  March 14, 2021


On February 1, 2021, early morning, Myanmar’s military detained our democratically elected leaders including State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi, President Win Myint, other senior figures from the governing party, and many other pro-democracy leaders.

The people of Myanmar have spoken at the polls in 2015 and again in 2020 to establish a democratic nation after languishing under an oppressive military dictatorship for 52 years. It is critical that Canada and the world rally around the people of Myanmar.

Recently, the military has released the criminals from prisons and paid them to commit all kinds of criminal activities like beating, looting, putting some houses on fire and other forms of violence to suppress peaceful demonstrations.

The situation in Burma is getting worse day by day. Please help save our country. We are counting on Canada.

We urge the Government of Canada:

1. To demand a swift release of Aung San Suu Kyi and all arrested individuals.

2. To reject any appointments made by the Illegal military government. 

3.  To recognize the result of the November 8, 2020 general election.

4. To impose stringent economic sanctions on the military owned businesses in Myanmar and abroad.

5. We are grateful to Canada for acting with the United Kingdom to impose sanctions on nine members of the Myanmar military under the Special Economic Measures Act. We urge Canada to expand these measures and also use the Magnitsky Act to further strengthen these sanctions. 

6. We respectfully request a meeting with Global Affairs as soon as possible to share our views.



                                                                                                               Burmese Canadian Network


          Phone: 437 992 3417,  Fax : 905 712 3833 , Email : BurmaCanadiaNetwork@gmail.com    , https://www.facebook.com/groups/1630428673834695


The following organizations have added their endorsement to this statement:



·       Taiwanese-Canadian Association of Toronto ( T.C.A.T )

·       Cambodia National Rescue Party ( C.N.R.P - Canada / US )

·       Formosan Association for Public Affairs, Canada (FAPA Canada)

·       Taiwanese Human Rights Association of Canada

·       Formosan Association for Public Affairs Canada

·       World United Formosans for Independence

·       Regional Tibetan Youth Congress of Toronto

·       New Hong Kong Cultural Club

·       WUFI_Canada -- World United Formosans for Independence, Canada HQ

·       Canada - Hong Kong Link

·       Burma Canadian Network












     Media contact



Timothy Zaw Zaw (Toronto ),                                                        Than Aung (Edmonton) ,

Co-founder and Coordinator (Eastern Canada)                                               Co-founder and Coordinator (Western Canada)    

Email:  TimothyZawZaw@BurmaCanadianNetwork.ca                                  ThanAung@BurmaCanadianNetwork.ca                                

Email :  TimothyZ@pioneeringtech.com                                      Email:thanaung56@yahoo.ca    

Tel:(437) 992 5417                                                                           Tel:(780) 953 9877 

Fax: 905 712 3833                                                                            



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